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Chick & Karo CPA’s P.A. – History

History of Chick & Karo CPA’s P.A.

The founding principles to this firm started with Sidney & Sylvia Karo in 1944. They created a small accounting firm dedicated to small business and individual client needs. The goal was to devote themselves to the work, processing accounting records, and using the latest techniques to verify all the accounting transactions, all while providing the best customer service. The core principles developed and maintained by Sidney & Sylvia carried on until their retirement, when their Son-in-Law and Daughter created Chick & Karo CPA’s P.A.

The firm principles, Lowell and Alice Chick continue to provide the highest quality accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services in the area. They were one of the first accounting and tax firms to use computer technology to prepare tax returns, send the clients a tax return organizer, and travel to the client’s location to prepare taxes. Over the years, Chick & Karo has grown and developed new tools to aid our clients in preparation of income taxes. We will continue to apply the latest technologies to provide the best service and maintain the core principles of the firm.

The core values of dedication and reliability continue as the next generation joins the firm. Sidney Chick represents the third generation in the family accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation firm. With this multi-generational firm our clients get the benefits of old world hard work and dedication with new world technology and convenience.

Introduction to Chick & Karo CPA’s P.A.

Lowell J. Chick, CPA, has an extensive knowledge and specialization in income tax preparation and tax planning. With his background in construction, along with his keen financial mind, he is quite experienced with developing the best tax planning strategy for our clients needs. As an active member with the AICPA and FICPA, he is often contacted for guidance and advice from within the profession.

Alice Chick, CPA, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, is the go-to person for any accounting, bookkeeping, and QuickBooks services. As far back at the early 70’s, she has been using computers to develop accounting and bookkeeping systems for businesses. With her corporate controller experience in Office Depot, Rose Auto Stores, and Corporate Express, she brings the experience of big corporate accounting procedures to our clients.

Sidney Chick, Enrolled Agent, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, is the 3rd generation to Chick & Karo. He works with the clients bridging the gap between the computer accounting systems, and tax return preparation. He brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and skill in process management, and business consulting experience derived from his days with KPMG and BearingPoint.

Chick & Karo CPA’s PA strives to be the best tax preparation service provider. We are specialists in income tax preparation, business payroll and sales tax. We use technology to develop custom accounting and bookkeeping procedures tailored to our clients needs. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

Chick & Karo CPA’s P.A.

Introduction & History